Cumaru 4×8


Net Finished Dimensions are 3 ½″ x 7 ¼″ (88.9 mm x 184.2mm)

Cumaru Decking Miami carries solid Cumaru decking in all lengths between 1’ to 20’.  We can sell random lengths or specific lengths.  The 4×8 boards can be milled to any specification. 


Cumaru decking is perfect for exterior construction and is one of the hardest woods available. It’s:

  • All-natural
  • Insect and rot resistant
  • Strong
  • Hard
  • Doesn’t get hot in the sun
  • Stands up to extreme weather
  • Long-lasting

Many often use Cumaru for luxury interior flooring, particularly for creating a seamless outdoor-indoor design.

Alternate Names:

Cumaru goes by various names such as:

  • Brazilian Teak
  • Tonquin or Tonga
  • Dipteryx Odorata
  • Ipe Champagne
  • Fabaceae
  • Almendrillo

Alternate spellings for Cumaru include Kumaru, Coumaru or Kumarú.


Cumaru varies in grain pattern and color, as all wood. The color of Cumaru varies from golden, tan and reddish brown. You can use its color variation to create patterns or you can oil and sand the wood to create a more uniform appearance. If you don’t oil or seal Cumaru, over time, it will change color to a silver-gray patina; also called sun bleaching sometimes.


Because of its hardness and interlocking grain, Cumaru is hard to work with (Janka Hardness: 3,330 lbf or 14,800 N). Before you install screws, it requires pre-drilling and easily blunts drill bits. It’s not recommended to use wood glue since the wood is very dense and oily.


Cumaru, thanks to its density, is a heavy wood. It weighs 68 lbs./ft3 (pounds per cubic ft.) on average or 1095 kg/m3 (kilogram per cubic meter). Roughly, this is 5.7lbs per board ft.

Note: If you do not see the dimension you are looking for, please call and ask us for it.  We can custom mill bigger timbers such as 16×10 and 16×12 as well as other special orders.